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Syrigos: FYROM diplomatic note compounds problems

The diplomatic note sent by the former Yugoslv Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to Greece compounds an already problematic name deal, says Angelos Syrigos, associated Professor of International Law and Foreign Policy at Athens’ Panteion University.


“(The Prespes Agreement) concedes a (Macedonian) language and citizenship and, unfortunately, the diplomatic note that was sent a couple of days ago, adds, for the first time a ‘Macedonian’ people,” Syrigos told SKAI TV.

Syrigos noted that the government is too eager on a fast ratification of the deal and opening the door for the neighboring  country to join NATO.

Besides its reference to a Macedonian people, the diplomatic note has a more serious problem, he said.

“They have sent us the amendments without sending the final text (of the deal). This is very suspicious. You can’t call on the deputies to vote on the basis that some things (in the text) will change, but we don’t have the final text.”

“If we ratify the deal, it’s game over,” Syrigos warned.

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